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Dental Filling

 A 3D rendering of a dental fillings being placed in rear teeth. When you have damaged or decayed teeth, it is always important to visit the dentist's office for treatment. If left untreated the damage can worsen, resulting in losing your tooth. Dental fillings can offer you relief and ensure that you prevent further deterioration to your dental health. Dental fillings can cover up and fill a cavity or decayed area of your tooth and shield your tooth from further damage.

At our Forest Grove Dental Studio clinic you will find optimal care and management from top professionals. We use modern techniques to offer maximum dental filling treatment which retains your oral health and ensures that you do not lose any teeth. If you are considering having dental fillings, come see us today.

Decay Can Continue Underneath Fillings

The main aim of getting dental fillings is to stop further decay or erosion of your teeth. While fillings play this role almost perfectly, further decay can occur due to some factors. One of the major causes of decay underneath fillings is pressure applied to the fillings when grinding food.

Poor oral hygiene and lack of care for your dental fillings can lead to damage to the fillings. This can cause cracks to appear. Bacteria can then enter through these cracks and in the process allow decay to develop. Proper oral habits and regularly visiting our dental clinic can ensure that your dental fillings remain in pristine condition.

Dental Fillings Can Happen In One Session

When you decide to have dental fillings, the process usually starts with an examination from our dentist to determine whether fillings are the appropriate treatment for your case. When it is clear that fillings can improve your dental health, our dentist will schedule an appointment for when you can receive the dental filling treatment.

The process does not take long to complete, and it can be done right from the office. During the filling session, our dentist may use local anesthesia to numb the affected area. This is because they might have to remove the infected part of the tooth before applying the filling. Once the filling material is applied, there is no downtime, and you can go back to your normal routine.

A Cavity is not Always Treated By Dental Fillings

Patients who come to the clinic with tooth cavities always think that they will need to have a dental filling. However, they do not know that to get dental filling treatment, it depends on several factors such as the size of their cavities. If the cavity is too large, a dental filling can be insufficient. In other patients, the damage can be too severe and dental fillings will therefore be unable to save the tooth.

Get Optimal Care and Treatment from Our Professionals

Visit us at Forest Grove Dental Studio if you require dental fillings to save your tooth from further damage. We have dental practitioners that work closely with you to bring back your good oral health. Call us at (971) 397-6361 to talk to an expert and book an examination appointment to determine whether fillings will help your dental health.

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