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Dentistry for Kids

 A child in the dentist chair giving a high five and smiling. Bringing your child in for regular dental visits is an important part of their oral health. When your child is young and has not yet developed any teeth, you should regularly clean their gums by using a wet cloth. After developing their first baby tooth, you should bring them in to see us. Our dentists at Forest Grove Dental Studio will examine your child's mouth, the growth of their teeth, and help show you how to brush their baby teeth.

Detecting problems early

Children are also affected by oral health issues. When you start bringing your child in to the dentist at an early age, it allows us to detect any problems that may be developing. Oral health issues are easy to treat when they are detected early. Baby bottle tooth decay might occur while the baby is breastfeeding and you might not realize the baby has it. The dentist can detect it and tell you about it before it has a large impact on your child's oral health. The dentist can also identify crooked teeth of a baby before they grow and begin personalized care to straighten the teeth while still young.

Mouth protectors

Getting a mouth protector is one way to protect and save your child's developing teeth. As children grow, they often begin engaging in sports activities. While this is good for their overall health, it exposes them to more dangers of damaging their teeth. The dentist will offer personalized care by creating a custom-fit mouth protector. These are commonly known as a sports mouth guards and protect their teeth and keep them safe, especially in contact sports.

Dental cleanings

Deep cleanings are available in our dental office and will be offered to your child as needed. A dental cleaning enables our dentist to clean the areas that tend to be hard to reach for the child. Regular flossing and brushing are important to ensure that your child has strong and healthy teeth. Good oral hygiene should be observed whether the child has baby teeth or has already acquired permanent teeth.

Dental checks ups are important for the child and it is good to introduce them to the dentist when they are still young. This will allow them to have an easier time with the dentist in the future, as they are already used to coming to see us. Regular visits with our dentist will ensure your child has strong and healthy teeth as they grow up.

Our dental team at Forest Grove Dental Studio is ready to check on the health of your child's teeth. Call us today at (971) 397-6361 to book an appointment and we will schedule a dental visit for your little one.

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