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Porcelain Crowns

 Close up 3D rendering of a shaved down tooth being capped with a porcelain dental crown Dental crowns cover and protect the teeth if they are damaged. If you regularly eat sticky foods, your dental crowns may become loose and fall out. This is considered a dental emergency and requires an immediate dental visit. A porcelain crown can fall out for several reasons. Our dental professional at Forest Grove Dental Studio will guide you on how to take care of your porcelain crowns so that they do not become damaged or fall out. There are several reasons your crown could fall out, and we want to help you avoid these.

Improper Fitting

If the porcelain crown is new, and it falls out, this means that the crown was not properly fit to stick to your mouth. A porcelain crown can also fall out if you have it for a long time and if the crown has undergone too much pressure while chewing and biting on hard foods. If the tooth has lost some structure, then it might not support a crown. Crowns need to have a good amount of tooth structure so that they can be supported into place.

Dental cement deterioration

The cement that holds the teeth in place is strong and can last for a long time. When you have gum disease, or the tooth has decayed it means that the cement has deteriorated making the teeth weak. This means that the tooth is not held in place and the porcelain crown cannot be held together. This means that the crown may fall out instead of sticking to the tooth.

Excessive Tooth Grinding

This is one of the reasons for the premature failure of dental crowns. This is especially true for the back teeth. When you grind your teeth, you cause strain on the premolars and molars. If you have crowns fitted, they are likely to loosen and fall out. Teeth grinding can also make the dental crown break. It is important therefore to find an effective solution for your teeth grinding (bruxism). One of the ways you can prevent teeth grinding is by wearing a nightguard. This will prevent your teeth from coming into contact with each other and therefore shield your dental crowns.

Recurring Tooth Decay

If tooth decay recurs, it will cause the size of your natural tooth to change and in the process make your dental crowns loosen over time. Recurring tooth decay mainly happens if you do not follow proper hygiene routines. If you do not brush or floss properly your natural tooth under the crown can experience repeated decay. This will significantly affect the stability of your dental crown. It is important to follow oral hygiene protocols that will safeguard your teeth from dental decay.

Visit Our Practice for Optimal Care

Regular visits to the dentist's office are one way you can ensure proper maintenance of your dental crowns. Visit us at Forest Grove Dental Studio to get your dental crowns checked and to aid in prevention of recurring dental decay. We will ensure that your dental crowns serve you for a long time. Call us at (971) 397-6361 if you want to get crown placement.

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