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Sports Guards

 A sweating athlete wearing a sports guard during a game As a teenager undergoing any orthodontic treatment poses a huge challenge. This means that at a young age you get accustomed to having braces on your teeth, and having foreign materials in the mouth. Having braces does not mean that you need to change your lifestyle. You can still engage in contact sports without any fear. Our dentists at Forest Grove Dental Studio are going to ensure that your teen is comfortable playing contact sports and at the same time undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Mouth guard Use

Having a mouth guard will cushion the jaw and teeth from injuries that may come to the teeth and mouth while playing sports. The mouth guard is a safe way of taking care of the mouth and teeth, especially if you play contact sports. If you collide into a player, the sports mouth guard will act as protection, keeping the mouth and teeth safe from trauma. Having an orthodontic mouth guard will require you to have one that fits well and one that will reshape to fit the teeth as guided by the braces.

Importance of mouth guards when you have braces

In sports, you are likely to face injuries to the mouth, teeth, and even the jaws. When you have braces it may help in reducing the amount of damage that might occur after a trauma or blow and will reduce chances to displace the teeth. If you have braces you need to keep the teeth safe for the braces are used to straighten the teeth. Braces are worn to keep and bring misaligned teeth into formation. Traditional braces are made of metal material and have brackets that hold them together. If you use a mouth guard while playing sports, this will prevent the braces and brackets from getting damaged, while at the same time protecting your teeth and jaw from injury.

Special mouth guards with braces

When you are playing sports you need a sports mouth guard to keep the mouth, teeth, and jaw safe from any kind of blow or impact. When you have braces this does not exclude you from being able to wear a sports mouth guard. Your braces need to be taken care of and protected, the same as your gums and teeth. Wearing a sports mouth guard while you are playing will protect the braces from any harmful activity that is going on. Your mouth guard will be custom-made by our dentist, in order to fit over your braces. We will ensure that your mouth guard is comfortable and fits properly. Sports mouth guards are made of grade silicone that adapts to changes in the structure of the mouth and the way teeth adjust.

Our dental team Forest Grove Dental Studio recommends that you wear mouth guards for sports when playing and also ensure that you protect your braces when playing. Book an appointment by calling us at (971) 397-6361.

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