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Teeth Whitening

 A woman pointing towards her bright white teeth Bright, white teeth give you confidence for smiling and talking in public. Our teeth start out naturally white, but as time goes by the enamel becomes discolored for several reasons. The diet that we consume plays a role in determining whether our teeth discolor or not. For instance, those who love coffee, red wine, and tomatoes are likely to discolor their teeth. The dentist is the one to determine if you are a candidate for the whitening process and will also determine the best products to whiten the teeth. Our dental team at Forest Grove Dental Studio will show you the best ways to whiten your teeth without harming them.

Causes of discolored teeth

Some of the foods that we consume are the main reason why we have stained teeth such foods are tea, coffee, and red wine which have chemicals that stain the teeth. If you are a regular smoker of tobacco, then you are likely to stain the teeth since the tobacco contains tar which is dark and discolors the teeth and brings about staining. When nicotine mixes with oxygen when one smokes it makes the teeth turn yellow.

When the tooth enamel gets thinner as we age, the dentin is exposed making the tooth yellow.

Having trauma to the teeth will cause them to discolor since there is no adequate blood flowing to the tooth. The tooth may heal or die over time and this can make it need to be extracted.

Taking certain medications will lead you to have tooth darkening.

How Does the Teeth Whitening Procedure Work?

The process of teeth whitening is relatively straight forward. It depends on the type of product that you will be using for the whitening process. The type of the product will also determine the steps that you will take to achieve the desired results.

The best teeth whitening products contain any of the two most common bleaching agents, namely carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These are bleaching agents that breakdown stains into finer particles and minimize the concentration of color. After the completion of the process, you will have much lighter and brighter teeth.

Is Whitening Effective on All Teeth?

If you have discolored teeth, it is important to check with your dentist to determine the right procedure. Whitening does not necessarily work on all teeth. For instance, yellow teeth can be bleached without any trouble, unlike brown teeth or teeth with gray tones.

Also, if you have artificial crowns or teeth, they may not respond at all to the whitening agent. The whitening agent may also not be effective if the primary cause of your tooth discoloration is trauma or medical in nature.

Contact Us For Effective Dental Care

You do not have to suffer while having stained or discolored teeth. We can assist you in having whiter teeth for a beautiful smile. Visit us at Forest Grove Dental Studio to schedule a dental examination before your teeth whitening procedure. You can call us through (971) 397-6361 to schedule an appointment to determine whether you are the right candidate for teeth whitening.

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